Christian Center for Discipleship and Mission


What is it?

The Christian Center for Discipleship and Mission (CCDM) is a Muslim Background Believer (MMB) discipleship center and missionary training base.

What does CCDM do specifically?

  • Missionary Training: Because of its strategic location, this ministry focuses on training evangelists to reach people of other faiths, especially Muslims. Sending missionaries into the more Muslim dominant states in northern Nigeria requires solid training and ongoing support. They receive this training in an intensive program at CCDM. Then, they return periodically for more training, vocational support, fellowship with partner missionaries, and trauma counseling.
  • Pastoral Training: Local pastors benefit from teachers/pastors who come to CCDM to train the missionaries. CCDM’s compound provides a place for them to gather, be trained, receive refreshment, and return to their ministries encouraged.
  • Discipleship: When those with a Muslim background become followers of Jesus, especially under the ministries of the missionaries being sent out by CCDM, they are encouraged to enroll at CCDM to be discipled as new converts. MBBs face difficult challenges as they seek to follow Jesus in areas that are often radically opposed to Christianity. The discipleship they receive at CCDM is formative and effective in helping them become rooted in their faith and equipping them for long-term abiding in Christ.
  • Vocational Training: Those, who are sent into more radical Islamic cultures or those who are effectively discipled and return to more radical Islamic cultures, are often marginalized because of their faith. Their families may reject them. They may be fired from gainful employment. They face many serious challenges. As a result, they may require vocational training or other financial assistance. So, CCDM has a recently-built vocational training center to provide this necessary vocational training.
  • Education of Children: Because of the dangers of serving in northern Nigeria and the often-resulting lack of educational opportunities, CCDM is presently building a school for the children of their missionaries and local orphaned children. These orphaned children are the result of the many martyrs and displaced people in this area of the world. Over half of the Christian martyrs in the last several years have been in Nigeria.


Where is it?

It is located in Jos, Nigeria, just south of the northern states, which are Muslim strong holds and are governed by the Sharia law of Islam.


How can I get involved?


1) The missionaries to the north risk their lives every day to be a light for Jesus in a very hostile region of the world. Over half of the Christian martyrs in the last several years gave their lives for Jesus in this part of the world. Pray for their safety and their willingness to live Jesus even in death.

2) The Fulani herdsmen, who often carry out the evil of Islamic jihadists, live in the midst of those whom they have persecuted, martyred, and caused great physical and financial ruin. Pray that the pastors and churches can evidence hearts of forgiveness and that hatred and bitterness would be crushed by the power of the resurrection.

3) The CCDM campus is growing, which makes it an increasingly attractive target for persecution and destruction. Pray for the safety of the people and the buildings.

4) An educational center is now being constructed. Pray for the remainder of the funds and the quick construction of this building so that it can be useful in the coming year.

5) Pray for Shaba and his family that the evil one would not in any way inhibit their steadfastness and faithfulness in living for the Lord.

6) Pray for ongoing training seminars that the missionaries would be able to travel freely/safely and receive the instruction they need to be effective ministers of the gospel.