Faith Radio – Uganda


What is it?

Faith Radio Uganda is a Christian radio station that seeks to share the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout eastern Uganda. Transmitting since 2006, Faith Radio Uganda is particularly focused on equipping local believers and sharing the gospel with the country's large Muslim population. Faith Radio Uganda broadcasts Bible studies, sermons, and Christian music. It also provides news updates, as well as public health information.


Where is it?

Faith Radio Uganda broadcasts throughout eastern Uganda and western regions of Kenya, in languages including Luganda, Lugisu, Ateso and Swahili. The station reaches more than 12 million people.


How can I get involved?


Visit for more information on the Faith Radio Uganda team and to receive newsletters.


Communities in Uganda are impacted by HIV / AIDS, political violence, and encroaching Islam. Pray that God would work through Faith Radio Uganda to reach Ugandan youth and provide hope and a future through faith in Jesus Christ.