Greater Reach, Inc.


What is it?

Persecution and war over the last several decades have forced millions of people in Eastern Africa from their homes and into neighboring countries and refugee camps in South Sudan, Kenya, Chad, Ethiopia, and Uganda.  In the midst of this great human suffering, God brought forth the ministry of Greater Reach, Inc. (GRI).  

GRI serves the indigenous church of Eastern Africa by equipping local leaders to share the reconciling and restorative power of Jesus.  A comprehensive theological education is provided to locally identified leaders through the Jesus Impact School of Missions (JISM).  This school trains leaders in evangelism, church planting, discipleship and trauma healing.  JISM graduates then return to their home communities as transformed individuals who are prepared to share the Gospel, grow a community of faith and disciple Muslim background believers.  

GRI provides ongoing support and encouragement for JISM leaders, which has permitted the mobilization of the indigenous Church and the evangelization of an ever-increasing number of unreached people groups.  As a result of GRI’s ministry, the indigenous Church in Eastern Africa is faithfully bringing hope and healing through Jesus Christ.


Where is it?

Greater Reach is active in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Chad, and several closed/restricted countries.


How can I get involved?


Visit to learn more about GRI’s ministry and about the situation in Eastern Africa.


Commit to praying for the persecuted and suffering church in Eastern Africa and for the Greater Reach team.  Pray for perseverance, faithfulness and boldness in proclaiming Christ in a region where believers are persecuted.


If so led, you may make a donation for GRI’s ministry through CCLB.