Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary – Jordan


What is it?

Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary (JETS) is a college campus that trains students for pastoral leadership. Operating out of Amman, Jordan JETS focuses on reaching the Arab community in Africa and the Middle East. Many of the students who graduate from JETS serve in churches throughout Iraq, Syria, South Sudan and Darfur. JETS provides students with a solid theological education, as well as practical and spiritual leadership training.


Where is it?

JETS' campus is located in Jordan. Graduates continue to serve the church and evangelize throughout Africa and the Middle East.


How can I get involved?


Visit to learn more about JETS' programs and how the seminary impacts surrounding countries through the ministry of its graduates.


Please pray for physical and spiritual protection over JETS faculty and students. As the graduates venture into some of the most dangerous regions of the world, pray for God's guidance and protection as he continues to work through them.