Netivah – Israel


What is it?

Netivah is an organization that seeks to equip, strengthen and support the growth of the Messianic/ Christian community in the land of Israel. A core focus is to train youth leaders to be effective servants within their local churches. Additionally, Netivah hosts national-level youth gatherings that allow students to connect, fellowship and learn from Christ-centered, biblical teaching. Finally, Netivah seeks to serve young men and women in Israel's military service, providing them with spiritual and relational support during their military service. A special emphasis is placed on the inclusion of young adults from various cultural backgrounds, including Jews and Arabs, which is a powerful witness of the unifying power of the gospel.


Where is it?

Netivah is located in Israel and works with young men and women from the Messianic/ Christian community.


How can I get involved?


Young men and women serving within their government's military face many challenges including spiritual, moral, and cultural conflicts with the Christian faith. Pray that Netivah can continue to provide spiritual support for these young leaders so that they can be sustained by God's truth.


Learn more about how God uses Netivah Youth Outreach to minister to young men and women, and spread the Gospel across cultures: