New Missions


What is it?

New Missions was founded in 1983 by George and Jeanne DeTellis who traveled to Haiti to share the Gospel of man’s redemption through Jesus Christ, establish churches and grow disciples.  God blessed the ministry’s humble beginnings and today, New Missions includes over 30 churches, elementary schools, high schools, medical clinics, a Bible college and a professional trade school.  The ministry approach begins by planting a locally-led church in a new community.  This is followed by the establishment of a school, which brings hope and a pathway out of grinding poverty for local residents.  Finally, leaders are equipped and empowered to make their communities better as they invest in others and become role models for the next generation.


Where is it?

As noted above, New Missions operates in more than 30 communities throughout Haiti.  Cornerstone has been blessed to invest in the community of Concrab.


How can I get involved?


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Haiti is perhaps the most economically challenged and spiritually attacked country in the Western hemisphere.  Pray that God would deliver the country from spiritual oppression and the corrupting impact of sin.

Join New Missions for their 21 days of prayer!

Today, on our 38th anniversary of ministry, we begin our 21 Days of Prayer. When I was seven years old, I remember seeing my mother go to her prayer closet and pray for missions. We lived as a family inside a small apartment attached to the church where my father was the pastor in Worcester, Massachusetts. Down the narrow hallway was a tiny closet my mother would slip into and pray. I grew up seeing how prayer is essential for ministry. Today, I ask you to join us in our 21 Days of Prayer.
The first seven days of prayer requests will focus on Haiti, the second week on the Dominican Republic, and finally, we will pray for the activities at our Orlando office. Together, may we set our heart’s affection and mind’s attention on God’s purpose and plan for our mission. You can find our prayer requests for the 21 Days of Prayer online
God is at work and together, we have great purpose in His mission.
Serving together,

Tim DeTellis




Consider sponsoring a child in one of New Missions’ Haitian schools.  Visit for details.