Church Transformation Network


What is it?

“The twenty-first-century worldwide church is growing at a pace unlike any other time in the two thousand years since Pentecost.”[1]  This growth is taking place largely in places like Africa, South America, and Asia.  With such tremendous growth, traditional forms of pastoral equipping are unable to keep pace, resulting in a need for trained pastors who can disciple their church so that the Gospel might go forward in their context.

In 2014 Cornerstone leadership launched a relationship with the Kale Heywet Church (EKHC), Ethiopia’s largest evangelical denomination.  With more than 10 million members, the EKHC has become a foundational partner in Cornerstone’s pastoral training efforts.  Through collaboration, we have developed an effective training model and contextualized content that has strengthened the EKHC’s ministry.  

In 2019, Cornerstone Church launched the Church Transformation Network (CTN), a Christian non-profit ministry that exists to build on previous pastoral training efforts.  CTN exists to impact the lives of individual believers in Africa by equipping church leaders where they live and minister.  Employing a relational training model and contextualized materials, church leaders engage in self-directed learning, become competent in practical theology, and benefit from peer support and experience.  CTN’s training regimen includes emphases on pastoral leadership, preaching, discipleship, countering false doctrines and leadership development.  Resources, including books, workbooks and digital content are made available in the local language.


Where is it?

Cornerstone’s pastoral training efforts currently focus on Ethiopia and Uganda. Ministry leaders are exploring additional partnerships in Africa and Southeast Asia.


How can I get involved?


Ask for God’s favor as we seek additional partnership and equipping opportunities with denominations and organizations.   Pray for God’s wisdom as CTN develops new content and curriculum to meet emerging needs.