Rescue A Generation


What is it?

Rescue a Generation (RaG) is a San Bernardino-based ministry that seeks to empower students to utilize the tools in their lives to break the status quo and exceed the standards set by their environments.  This is accomplished through Success Clubs, which are designed to awaken students to their reality, coach them from where they are to where they want to be and ultimately introduce them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Where is it?

RaG is active in middle and high schools in San Bernardino County.  Additionally, the ministry hosts Takeover Conferences in San Bernardino, Long Beach, and San Diego on an annual basis.


How can I get involved?


Volunteer opportunities exist during the Takeover Conferences, which takes place each Spring.  These conferences incorporate teaching, worship, and missional elements.


Those interested in learning more about Rescue a Generation can also attend a school-based event.  Email for more information.